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Hounds are central to the hunt. Their care and welfare is the hunt’s number one priority.


They are looked after and cared for by the Kennel Huntsman. 

Breeding is an important part of any hunt, and the foundations of today’s pack was established after the Second World War. You can read more about the history of our hounds in the history section.


Essentially, the pack of hounds that the RA hunts with today are a fast, keen-scenting ‘Plain-type Country’ hound, suitable for the wide open spaces and the fast pace of the RA Hunt.


The hunting year runs from the 1st of May to the 30th of April, in late April the hounds are in let down mode,each day they are taken out for a walk of up to 40-50 mins which is very relaxed,but also a very important part of the training of the pups which may be still on couples depending when they were born.


May is very busy as preparing the kennels for the Puppy Show which is in the first week of June (painting,grass cutting & any repairs that need to be done)

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