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Our trail hunting activities take place on and around Salisbury Plain Training Area in Wiltshire. We are licensed to carry out our activities and abide to the regulations placed upon us by the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation who are the stewards of the defence estate. 


Our hunt country is principally wide and open spaces. There are few jumps, but plenty of obstacles, such as tank tracks and some ditches. We are known as a ‘non-jumping hunt’, but we make up for the lack of jumping with beautiful scenery and fast rides. 


Our hounds follow a pre-laid trail. Our trail layers set a number of trails for our hounds to follow, mimicking the movement of a fox. This makes for a fun day out, as well as being within the bounds of the Hunting Act 2004.


We are sociable too. Our meets - when we get together before leaving for a day’s hunting - routinely involve hospitality from hunt members and friends. A good glass of port and a sausage roll or two set you up for the day nicely.

If you need to leave the hunt at any point. Ensure you tell the field master and say ‘Good night’ to them - regardless of the time of day.

If you’d like to hunt with us, then please contact the Honorary Secretary for more information and to inform of her your wish to join us. We offer reasonable rates depending on your circumstances, including if you’re a member of the Armed Forces. 


We hunt on Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the season (from September to early April).


Our visitors cap is £50 per day. 


On arrival at the meet, please find the Secretary to give him or her your day’s cap (your fee) and also say ‘Good morning’ to the Field Master so that they know you’re joining us for the day. 

New to hunting?

If you’re new to hunting, you don’t need all the gear. You just need to be dressed appropriately for a day in the saddle and be prepared for inclement weather. Salisbury Plain is known for four seasons in one day. That said, the ground remains good when surrounding country becomes waterlogged. Safety comes first, so ensure your hat is well fitted, wear gloves and long riding boots. If it’s raining, it’s fine to wear waterproof gear. The idea is to look as smart as you can - and it is a military hunt - so get those boots polished!

There will always be people at the front with the Field Master, and those who like to take a slower pace at the back. Choose where is comfortable for you and ensure you remain with the group. We are licensed to be on the Plain and should you wish to leave the main body and return to the horse boxes, you need to be accompanied by a ‘red card holder’. This means someone who has been briefed on how to behave on the Plain, in accordance with the Ministry of Defence’s conditions.

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